Work Engineering, Marketing, lots of ideas.

Web Development by Daine Billmark

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    Example: TAP&G Law - Minneapolis, MN
    Consulting, Planning, Design, Development (Wordpress), SEO, Analytics


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    Digital Marketing

    Example: VMware - Global
    Consulting, Product Marketing Planning, Online Content Creation, Traffic Optimization, in coordination with parties in San Francisco, NYC, Mumbai, and Brussels.


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    Pet Projects

    Example: Skyway My Way - Minneapolis, MN
    Concept, Development, SEO.


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    General Skill Set

    Full Stack Software Engineer with Digital Marketing on the side. Jack of all trades, Master of some.

    History of across-the-board skills include:

    • Database and system interfaces built with JS or PHP and WhateverSQL
    • AWS platform setup on Ubuntu, using Ansible and all the AWS tools (EC2, RDS, S3, Cloudformation, Route53, etc)
    • RESTful Web Services implemented in NodeJS
    • Work intimately within Marketing teams to discover and execute on call-to-actions and user experience within online content.
    • Sprinkle in SEO magic, analytics tracking, social media, and whatever else is needed to make an online presence shine.